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Construction Office
1417 W. Brigantine Ave.
(609) 266-7600 ext. 261

The Uniform Construction Code Office is supervised by the city's Construction Official, Rich Stevens.

The Construction Official, supervises and coordinates the activities of all third-party inspectors and firms contracted for the purpose of providing required inspection and plan review services. The Construction Official accounts for and maintains such funds as are collected in and for all such activities of the Department.

Permits are needed for New Homes, additions, alterations, garages, demolition, sheds, swimming pools, heating, air conditioning, decks, etc.

Permit may require a survey, zoning application, two sets of plans and building, electric, fire protection, and plumbing technicals.

Please check with our construction office to see what is required.

Main Construction Topics/Services:

  • Permits
  • Plan Review
  • Inspections
  • Flood Evaluation
  • Bulkhead questions
  • Construction questions
  • Interaction with the public on various inquiries